In your Time of Need... Part 1 - Support Before a Birth


Preparing your home for a new arrival is not the easiest...especially if that new-arrival weighs about 8lb! Giving your new born baby a healthy, comfortable environment is not the easiest thing, especially with mom carrying the extra pounds, and dad busy at work! Well, here is how Chez Vous is there for you, when you really need the help!

Clean Air - so that your new-born baby is not breathing the dust and allergens blowing out of your air-con, why not order an air-con cleaning service by Chez Vous.

Clean Carpet - to take out the accumulation of dust, dust mites and their allergens from the carpet in the baby room, how about enjoying a carpet cleaning service? We will even be sure to use child- friendly detergents. Not only will it improve the environment in the home, your carpet will regain its original lustre! (Check out the post on carpet cleaning: click here.)

Baby Furniture to Assemble? - so you have bought you cot, and baby furniiture from IKEA - you just need to assemble it! What looks fairly straightforward can take up a whole Sunday. Well, in fact, you don't need to do the work can count on Chez Vous Handyman and DIY Furniture Assembly Service to take care of the hard work for you! JPY 16,500 for 4 hours really will be worth the extra level of comfort!

In your time of need, Chez Vous will be there to help you out!


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