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Here at Chez Vous, it is our role to find the perfect match for our clients, whether it is a single profesional looking for a part-time maid, or a busy family searching for a full-time nanny. Our objective is simple - make our clients happy and our staff happy.

The importance of matching also applies to finding the perfect pet to fit into the individual dynamics of a home. Certain dogs, characters, sizes, are ideal for some families, and not others. Again, the objective should be simple - a happy owner and a happy pet.
It really does requiring a large investment of time, energy and money to care for a pet and this is often underestimated by owners. Unfortunately, this means a large amount abandoned and thrown-away pets in Tokyo. This is also compunded by the "cute culture", with pets often given as gifts to a loved one, or impulsively bought because they look cute in the pet shop window. They certainly are cute as pups/kittens until the reality of caring for the pet sets in!

But there are a number of organisations here in Japan, that are trying to re-home family-friendly dogs, cats, rabbits...and others, while educating people on the importance of an animal-focus (rather than human-focus) of taking care of animals. Here are a couple of organisations that are doing a great job to improve the lives of these animals and, in turn, to make happier the homes in which they live.
As the name suggests, ARK is based out of Kansai (near Osaka), but they are are also active in the Tokyo area. If you are looking for a new pet, before going to the pet shops in Roppongi or Shinjuku, check out the ARK homepage. You have two options: 1) fostering - this is where you care for an animal until a permanent home is found. This is a great way to sample the responsibility of caring for an animal before you move onto the next step...2) Adoption - this is it. You are now the fully-fledged parent/carer/mother/father of your beloved dog or cat. They are with you for life. Why not check out one of the ARK adoption events in Minami Aoyama (30 seconds from the Chez Vous office)? You may meet the mutt of your dreams!

You may have come across Sala, represented at Shinjuku Station fund-raising sessions by a huge St. Bernard. As with ARK, this is another NPO aiming to find permanent, loving homes for unwanted pets. They are based in Fuchu (30 minutes from Shinjuku) and for Tokyo-ites it gives you a chance to conveniently go and visit the animals that desperately need a home. They may not be able to speak so much English (neither the animals, nor the volunteers)...but animal lovers all speak the same language! You can also consider volunteering with Sala - they are always in need of extra help, and funding.

If you are seriously considering taking on a pet, take the time to find the right pet for your home. Ark and Sala would be able to give you great advice, so why not give them a call? You can make both yourself and an unwanted pet very happy!
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