Filipina Domestic Helpers in Japan - Visa Issues


Though it is the norm in Japan for Filipina domestic helpers to work for several employers, juggling several jobs - in most cases it is illegal for them to do so. That is because the majority of domestic helpers in the private market are sponsored by a family, either under a "designated activities" or "during mission" visa status. The former case is where a business manager/investor is the visa sponsor; the latter is where a diplomat is the sponsor.

For those domestic helpers holding these visa types, it is not permitted for them to work outside of the home of their employer (sponsor). This is because such visas are not considered to be correct "working visas"; rather they are deemed to be "special permission" to be in Japan.

If you are looking to hire a legal domestic worker in the private market, you would be advised to hire a Japanese national or a localized Filipina worker (holding a spouse, long-term or permanent resident visa). This also eliminates the risk of hiring a "sponsored" worker who may have to leave Japan when their sponsorship ends and their visa expires.

Of course, if you are looking to hire a high-quality domestic helper, you can feel assured that Chez Vous has a wide selection of legal staff - all with correct working visas. If you have any questions about visa issues for domestic staff, please do not hesitate to call us in the office: 0120-699-100.

Visa Sponsorship of Foreign Domestic Helpers: Part 2 - The Visa Application


By Lyndsey Hughes - HR Consultant
Full-time Placement Service at Chez Vous

So you have found your perfect domestic helper. You have learned that you are eligible to sponsor her visa. All there is to do is complete the visa sponsorship process, which in fact can be quite an onerous task. Here I will provide some information as to the procedures and documents required to complete the application.

1) APPLICATION FORM. First of all, you will need to download and complete the Certificate of Eligibility Application Form for new applicants, or the Application for Extension of Period of Stay if your maid already has visa sponsorship. Complete Part 1 and Part 2U.

2) PAPERWORK. You will need to prepare the following documents to accompany the Certificate of Eligibility Application Form.

- Copy of the Employment Contract, including the activities to be undertaken by the domestic helper, the duration of the contract, and the salary) + Japanese copy. For clients of Chez Vous' Full-time Placement Service, the production of these contracts is included in the service.
- Verification that the maid/nanny speaks a common language with the Employer. This must be a Certificate of Graduation (in higher education), or proof that the maid/nanny has studied the employer's language for at least 12 years (or English if the employer is not a native English speaker but speaks English).
- Passport copy of the Employer (with manager/investor or diplomat visa)
- Employment Certificate of the Employer
- An organization chart of the Employer's company, to show where the employer fits in to the company. The employer must be number 1 in their company, or for public-listed or very large companies, belonging to the second tier (e.g. director/senior manager) may also provide eligibility. This, however, is assessed on a case-by-case basis by the immigration office.
- Return addressed envelope.
- Japanese translations of the above.

Extra documents:

If hiring a domestic helper already sponsored by another family in Japan:
- Letter of Release from the previous employer
- Tax Certificate, provided by the previous employer,

If hiring directly from Philippines:
- 380yen stamp
- Photo (4cm x 3cm)

Optional, but recommended:

- Cover letter from the employer explaining why they require the service of a foreign domestic helper.
- Certificate of Registration from Chez Vous, to provide proof that the employee has been screened and selected by a professional domestic staffing company.

3) VISIT IMMIGRATION OFFICE with the complete set of application documents. Failure to provide a complete set will result in the delaying or rejection of the application.

4) WAIT!!! IT can take anywhere between 1 week to a couple of months to receive the result of the visa application. It is best to apply as early as possible.

5) VISA COLLECTION...hopefully! When a decision has been made by the Immigration Office, the domestic helper will receive a post-card requesting their attendance. At this final stage, they should should purchase a 4000yen visa "stamp" and collect their "designated activities" or "during mission" visa.

Official details on the visa application process for domestic helpers may be found in Japanese on the Ministry of Justice homepage.

The whole application process can be quite long-winded and for those clients hiring a full-time helper (requiring sponsorsip) through Chez Vous' Full-time Placement Service, assistance with the visa application is included in the Placement Fee - at no extra cost!

Or, for those clients who who are not hiring through Chez Vous, though would like to outsource the visa application, it may be worth employing the service of a visa consultant. It can cost in the region of JPY 80,000 - JPY 100,000, but they will meticulously ensure all documents are complete, and it certainly can add weight to the application. You may like to check out the following visa/immigration services :


Good luck! And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call: 0120-699-100.




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