Air-con Cleaning in Japan


In Japan, which is very susceptible to seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity, air-cons have become a necessary part of the modern home. In the cold Winters, your air-con units will keep you warm; and in the hot, humid Summer your air-con will maintain you home at a bearable, consistent temperature.With such regular usage, and exposure to Tokyo's city air, you can bet that your "can't-live-without" machine is prone to a build-up of dirt, debris and even pollen in Spring hay-fever season. And a dirty air conditioner is no good for the efficiency of the machine, or the air you are breathing in your home. And few cleaning chores will pay off more handsomely, both in terms of comfort and electricity dollars saved, than a routine air-conditioner cleaning. This is where Chez Vous' air-con cleaning service is here to help...


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