Au Pair...Nanny...Babysitter...What’s the difference?!?!


Child-care Lexicon
There are so many words to describe the role of a child-carer, that it is sometimes difficult to know which word to use, in which situation. Au Pair, nanny, babysitter, helper…these terms are often used interchangeably that the real meanings have become blurred with time. Let’s try to clarify...

The word “nanny” evokes images of Mary Poppins, and this gives a good clue as to the true meaning of the word. You can think of a nanny as a professional child-carer where the nuance tends to be the focus on their educational or formative role. Their role is not only to ensure the safety of the children, but also to set the foundations for a good up-bringing.

Au Pair
The term "Au Pair" is derived from the French language, meanings "on par" or "equal to", denoting living on an equal basis in a reciprocal, caring relationship between the host family and the children. An au pair will typically be a young lady (or guy) in their 20s, who lives with their host family – in exchange for food and board, they will help out with the children and even do some light housekeeping. An au pair is not a professional child-carer per se, but serves as a cost- effective, informal help for the family, while allowing the au pair to benefit from a “cultural experience” in a new country.

A “helper” or “domestic helper” can be considered an extra set of hands, to help out in a busy family. Their role tends to encompass a variety of domestic tasks in a household, including child-care, housekeeping, cooking and errand-running. The term helper, does not necessarily imply a child-care specialist, though provides good all-round help to a family.

A babysitter refers not so much to the child-care skills of the worker, but rather the temporary or part-time nature of the work. Generally, it is the practice of temporarily caring for a child on behalf of the child’s parents, for example while the parents go out for dinner or to give mom a break in the day-time. The idea of a babysitter varies from country-to-country. For example, in US or France, babysitters are usually high-school students in search of some part-time work.

And Japanese Babysitters... "ベビーシッター"
In Japan, however, babysitters are perceived very differently from their Western counterparts. Here, babysitting is considered a profession, albeit quite a new one. For example, Chez Vous sitters range from licensed day-care and kindergarten teachers in their 20s – who are ideal for playing with active toddlers - right through to very experienced ladies, suitable for taking care of new borns. The idea of a high school student taking care of a neighbor’s baby is unheard of in Japan! You can consider Japanese babysitters a fusion of the “nanny” and “babysitter” – temporarily taking care of the child, while offering an educational element to the child-care.

On top of these terminologies, you can add a whole array of other words used to describe child-carers – nurse maid, maternity nurse, matron...and even the newly-coined “manny”!!

We hope this gives you more ideas to help you find the most suitable kind of child-care for you.

♪ 親子でピアノ遊び ♪ シェヴサロン開催のご案内


~第1回 親子で楽しむピアノの調べ~



日時)  ① 6月23日(火)  午後2時~3時
      ② 6月30日(火)  午後2時~3時
会場) 株式会社 シェヴ  (「青山一丁目」駅 徒歩4分 「外苑前」駅 徒歩5分)
アクセスMAP  参照

参加費) 無料 (完全予約制)

ご予約) 0120-699-100 までお電話ください。

お土産にアンケートと引きかえに 『ミシュランガイド東京』etc. プレゼント!(※お子様のお食事が必要な方は各自ご持参ください。)

~ お電話にてご予約を承ります(先着順) ~
0120-699-100 (担当:長谷部・佐々木)



Chez Vous Logomark Design Concept


1. 人々の幸せを追求する seeking happiness
また、切れ込みの正三角形は、「お客様」「シェヴ」「スタッフ」のバランスのとれたより良い幸せな関係circle of happinessを表しています。

2.革新的な価値を創造する creating innovative values

3.人と社会の成長に貢献する contributing to the development of the human and society


Art Director: Sadatomo Kawamura
Designer: Misato Kobayashi

シェヴベビーシッターサービス 各種割引(福利厚生)



1.「ベビーシッター育児支援割引券」 (財団法人 こども未来財団)
シェヴは、全国ベビーシッター協会に加盟しています。お客様(ご家族)のお勤め先の会社などが、財団法人 こども未来財団と協定を結んでいる場合、割引券がご利用になれます。一回のご利用につき1,700円の割引

2.「福利厚生倶楽部/リロクラブ」 (株式会社リラックス・コミュニケーションズ)

3.「すくすく倶楽部」 (株式会社ベネフィットワン)

4.「WELBOX ウェルボックス」 (株式会社イーウェル)

5.「えらべる倶楽部」 (株式会社JTBベネフィット)





数ヶ月前、『スーパーセールス姉妹 知栄と佳栄』(柴田知栄・廣瀬佳栄著)という本を友人から紹介されて読んだ。ギネスブックにも載ったカリスマ生保レディの母から姉妹が学んだ言葉が表題の「すべてはお客さまが教えてくれる」だ。本を読んでからしばらくは本のことは忘れていたが、この言葉だけを最近ふと思い出した。



Chez Vous Piano Lounge...for moms and kids!


Chez Vous is pleased to introduce a fun, educational piano lounge for kids, and a friendly get-together for moms!

In this 1-hour mini-event, a professional piano teacher will be playing different children's songs, encouraging the kids to move around, and learn some music in the process. It is also a great way for moms to hang out, while their kids are having the safe, relaxed environment of Chez Vous' lounge area.

Entrance is FREE, with tea and light snackes served - so take this opportunity to come and join us!!

Details of the event are as follows:

Date: 1. June 23rd, Tuesday 2pm - 3pm
2. June 30th, Tuesday 2pm - 3pm

Place: Chez Vous Office (Lounge Area)

Address: Minami Aoyama 2-6-12-5F, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Station: 4 minutes walk from Aoyama Ichome station, 5 minutes walk from Gaienmae station
Click here for the Chez Vous map

Fee: Free (by appointment)

Food & Drink: Tea, juice and light snacks will be served.
Parents are asked to bring food for their own child(ren) if necessary

Reservation: 0120-699-100 or email to your coordinator in charge.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Babysitting Service Discounts


Many foreigners new to Japan, or even those here for a long time, are surprised at the cost of professional child-care services. It is true that babysitting services are certainly more expensive than hiring a local high-school student, or hiring a helper in the private market. With that said, you may also be surprised to learn that you can access substantial discounts on child-care services in Japan, either via a government subsidy, or through your HR department. Check out some more information below.

Chez Vous is a member of the following organisations. Please contact your or your partner’s HR Department to find out if you are able to access the benefits below.

Government Subsidy
All-Japan Babysitter Association
Chez Vous is a member of the All-Japan Babysitter Association (ABA). As well as giving you confidence to know that Chez Vous has met the stringent criteria set out by ABA, this also gives you access to a government subsidy on our babysitting service
Discount: Up to ¥1,700 /day on babysitting services.

Welfare Outsourcing Companies
The following fringe benefit outsourcing services give you access to discounts on a variety of services for you and your family – including Chez Vous. Please ask your HR department if your company is a member of any of the following organisations:

Discount: 1st Year Annual Fee Waived (saving JPY 15,750), Hourly coupons: between ¥300 and ¥1,000 off per hour

Benefit Station 
Discount: 1st Year Annual Fee Waived (saving JPY 15,750), Hourly coupons: between ¥300 and ¥1,000 off per hour
Discount: 1st Year Annual Fee Waived (saving JPY 15,750), ¥1,000 off per service

Discount: 1st Year Annual Fee Waived (saving JPY 15,750), Hourly Coupons: between ¥300 and ¥1,000 off per hour

The great thing about these discounts is that they can be used together. If you have any questions, feel free to call your Chez Vous babysitting coordinator: 0120-699-100.

Carpet Cleaning: the War against the Dust Mite


Fortunately for most people, the hayfever season has come to an end, but for those people susceptible to allergies irrespective of the season, the misery continues. And one of the biggest culprits of allergies in the home is the asthmatic's worst nightmare...Dermatophagoides farinae...or the common dust mite.

You will never be able to entirely eradicate the dust mite, but carpet cleaning is one of the best weapons. Here is how carpet cleaning can help to relieve some of the sniffles and runny eyes:

1) Cut off the food supply
Dust contains a large portion of dead skin, which provides a feeding ground for the dust mites to thrive. Removal of the dust hidden deep in the carpet, will reduce the food source for the dust mites.

2) Cut off the water supply
While dead skin is the food of dust mites, moisture in the air and on the ground provides the water they need to survive.

This moisture is trapped within the carpet in the form of mold spores, the result of humidity, human sweat, children and pets playing on the carpets. With correct carpet cleaning procedures, this moisture build-up can be reduced in the carpet. It is also recommended to undergo a periodic clean of bed mattressess and upholstered furniture - these areas are particularly susceptible to moisture acculmulated from human sweat.

The humid Summer of Tokyo is a dust mite's best environment. To remove moisture from the air, make sure that your air-con machines are functioning properly. Air-con filter cleaning should be performed at least on a 6-monthly basis, and a deeper clean once a year.

3) Eradicate
Carpet cleaning will eradicate the dust mites, while removing their droppings and remnants. All of these contain the protein particles which trigger the allergy in the first place, facilited by their minuteness which makes this protein air-borne.

4) Change the battleground
Chez Vous can employ an anit-allergen treatments, which changes the protein formations in the dustmites, preventing them from causing the allergic reactions.

Though the war is ongoing, a good carpet clean can bring temporary victory in the battle against the dust mite. You really may be suprised at the postive effect of a good carpet clean. A Chez Vous house cleaning service supervisor would be happy to visit your home and recommend an arsenal of weapons to make your home environment more comfortable, particularly for allergy-sufferers.
















Did You Know...?


The Philippines boast a population of 80 million, of which approximately 8 million are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) working legally overseas. In 2007, these OFWs contributed an estimated $14.7 billion in remittances to their homeland. An estimated 60% of OFWs are females.

5/31(日) Baby Loves Disco 第8回 Pre-Summer Splash


先週の日曜日、Baby Loves Discoというイベントへ行ってきました。

Pre-Summer Splashの名の如く、


今回の会場はKIDDY LAND隣のビルでお洒落なSMOKE Bar&Grillというところで開催されました。バルコニーから眺める景色は雨でしたが、ダンスホールは熱気がすごく、子どもたち、ママたちの笑い声がたくさん聞こえました。






ベビーシッター アキ

Maid Service Vs House Cleaning Service


In Japan, there is a big distinction between a maid (or housekeeping) service, and a house cleaning service.
Maid Service
It is the norm for foreign professionals to use the services of a housemaid to undertake the regular domestic chores...such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking. For people who are too busy to find and manage their own maid, they would outsource this function to a maid service company. Using a maid service is becoming more and more popular, partly due to the rise in numbers of busy dual-income familes. Essentially, maid services can be considered more of a "human-resource" based business, rather than specialist cleaning companies...they recruit, screen and (for part-time positions) manage domestic staff for you.

House Cleaning Service
In Japan, however, where the home is a very "secret" and "private" space, House Cleaning services have traditionally been more popular. House Cleaning services are cleaning specialists and a team of cleaners would come to your home armed with all of the machines, detergents, and tools. They would come and "blitz" your home in a shorter space of time, on a less frequent basis. This is rapidly changing however, with new-rich Japanese families opening up to the idea of having a housekeeper taking care of their home.

More and more, a maid service and house cleaning service go hand in hand. The maid would keep up with the regular housekeeping chores, perhaps on a daily, or weekly or even bi-weekly basis. There are however chores which are a) too heavy, or b) too technical for the maid to accomplish. These tend to be the periodic or seasonal cleaning tasks - which would be undertaken by a house cleaning service. These would include air-con cleaning, balcony cleaning, carpet cleaning, limescale removal in the bathroom...basically anything your maid is unable to accomplish. Quite often, our clients at Chez Vous use a weekly maid, supplemented by a monthly special clean focussing on a particular area of the home.

Whether you are looking to employ a maid service to find your perfect maid; or you need the services of a house cleaning company for the heavier tasks, you can count on Chez Vous to bring comfort to your home.

International Schools Guidebook


This new guide is essential reading for expatriate parents, internationally-minded Japanese couples, and bicultural families. The first-ever comprehensive guidebook to international schools in Japan, it gives parents the ability to examine over one hundred schools, all in one publication. Based on over 60 questions that parents ask when looking at educational options for their children, this guide is like having a 6-page, 2,000-word mini-prospectus for each of over one hundred schools, all in one handy package! If you have children and are considering which school to send them to, this book will undoubtedly help you make a more informed decision.

We have a copy of the book in our office, therefore you may feel free to visit to browse through the book. Chez Vous would be happy to reserve a copy for our clients, with a JPY500 discount applied. Check out


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