Maid Service Vs House Cleaning Service


In Japan, there is a big distinction between a maid (or housekeeping) service, and a house cleaning service.
Maid Service
It is the norm for foreign professionals to use the services of a housemaid to undertake the regular domestic chores...such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking. For people who are too busy to find and manage their own maid, they would outsource this function to a maid service company. Using a maid service is becoming more and more popular, partly due to the rise in numbers of busy dual-income familes. Essentially, maid services can be considered more of a "human-resource" based business, rather than specialist cleaning companies...they recruit, screen and (for part-time positions) manage domestic staff for you.

House Cleaning Service
In Japan, however, where the home is a very "secret" and "private" space, House Cleaning services have traditionally been more popular. House Cleaning services are cleaning specialists and a team of cleaners would come to your home armed with all of the machines, detergents, and tools. They would come and "blitz" your home in a shorter space of time, on a less frequent basis. This is rapidly changing however, with new-rich Japanese families opening up to the idea of having a housekeeper taking care of their home.

More and more, a maid service and house cleaning service go hand in hand. The maid would keep up with the regular housekeeping chores, perhaps on a daily, or weekly or even bi-weekly basis. There are however chores which are a) too heavy, or b) too technical for the maid to accomplish. These tend to be the periodic or seasonal cleaning tasks - which would be undertaken by a house cleaning service. These would include air-con cleaning, balcony cleaning, carpet cleaning, limescale removal in the bathroom...basically anything your maid is unable to accomplish. Quite often, our clients at Chez Vous use a weekly maid, supplemented by a monthly special clean focussing on a particular area of the home.

Whether you are looking to employ a maid service to find your perfect maid; or you need the services of a house cleaning company for the heavier tasks, you can count on Chez Vous to bring comfort to your home.


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