Carpet Cleaning: the War against the Dust Mite


Fortunately for most people, the hayfever season has come to an end, but for those people susceptible to allergies irrespective of the season, the misery continues. And one of the biggest culprits of allergies in the home is the asthmatic's worst nightmare...Dermatophagoides farinae...or the common dust mite.

You will never be able to entirely eradicate the dust mite, but carpet cleaning is one of the best weapons. Here is how carpet cleaning can help to relieve some of the sniffles and runny eyes:

1) Cut off the food supply
Dust contains a large portion of dead skin, which provides a feeding ground for the dust mites to thrive. Removal of the dust hidden deep in the carpet, will reduce the food source for the dust mites.

2) Cut off the water supply
While dead skin is the food of dust mites, moisture in the air and on the ground provides the water they need to survive.

This moisture is trapped within the carpet in the form of mold spores, the result of humidity, human sweat, children and pets playing on the carpets. With correct carpet cleaning procedures, this moisture build-up can be reduced in the carpet. It is also recommended to undergo a periodic clean of bed mattressess and upholstered furniture - these areas are particularly susceptible to moisture acculmulated from human sweat.

The humid Summer of Tokyo is a dust mite's best environment. To remove moisture from the air, make sure that your air-con machines are functioning properly. Air-con filter cleaning should be performed at least on a 6-monthly basis, and a deeper clean once a year.

3) Eradicate
Carpet cleaning will eradicate the dust mites, while removing their droppings and remnants. All of these contain the protein particles which trigger the allergy in the first place, facilited by their minuteness which makes this protein air-borne.

4) Change the battleground
Chez Vous can employ an anit-allergen treatments, which changes the protein formations in the dustmites, preventing them from causing the allergic reactions.

Though the war is ongoing, a good carpet clean can bring temporary victory in the battle against the dust mite. You really may be suprised at the postive effect of a good carpet clean. A Chez Vous house cleaning service supervisor would be happy to visit your home and recommend an arsenal of weapons to make your home environment more comfortable, particularly for allergy-sufferers.


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