Too busy to compromise? It pays to use a professional service...


Chez Vous prides itself on serving the most discerning clientele who seek the quality, trust and assurance that our services offer. Chez Vous clients would rather pay a little bit more to have this level of peace of mind and comfort in their busy lives. Yes, Chez Vous is more expensive than hiring a private Filipina maid you found on the National Azabu noticeboard, and there are many good reasons why:

Strict Staff Screening
Chez Vous has a strict process to filter candidates from their initial inquiry, right through to registration. We have a multi-tiered screening process, where we assess candidates from a variety of angles, in a variety of situations. As a statistic, Chez Vous registers approximately 4% of candidates applying to our company.

Quality Assurance and Corporate Responsibility
As a company, we are responsible for ensuring the highest standards are met by our registered housekeepers and babysitters. Quality Control is a major theme for Chez Vous, and we have put in place a series of procedures to ensure the highest quality of service for our clients.

Legal Workers: Low Risk
Whereas most foreign domestic helpers in the private market hold tourist visas or are sponsored by families/embassies, Chez Vous works with localized Filipina staff: mainly long-term and permanent residents. In fact, it is not permitted for those on sponsored visas to work outside of the family sponsoring their visa, even on a part-time basis. When using Chez Vous, you can feel assured that your housekeeper or babysitter is fully legal and will not be forced to leave the country.

Service Regularity
In case your housekeeper or babysitter is sick or on vacation, Chez Vous will provide a replacement. Furthermore, we do our best to facilitate a smooth transition through our job handover system, to ensure the replacement is aware of your priorities and special circumstances in your home. Your assigned coordinator will work for you to ensure a smooth, hassle-free service.

Tailored Solutions
Whether you are a single professional looking for a weekly housekeeper, or a family looking for a full-time nanny, Chez Vous has a wide range of staff profiles to achieve the perfect match.

Happy, Stable Staff
Chez Vous firmly believes that we can only make our clients happy if we are meeting the individual goals of our housekeeping and babysitting staff. If our staff are content with their work and are maintaining a balanced lifestyle, this happiness will be transmitted to our clients.

Damage Insurance
During the course of housekeeping, there are many situations where accidental damages may occur. Through our staff training programme, we aim to prevent accidents in the first place. Though if they do occur, we have accidental damage insurance to cover the cost of fixing the damage or replacing the damaged article.

Accidents in the Workplace Insurance
Should our staff encounter any accidents in your home or on the way to and from your home, we have full insurance to cover medical and related costs. This means that you hold no liability in such circumstances.

Confidentiality Protection and Discretion
For clients holding high-profile positions in their company, you can feel assured that all Chez Vous coordinators and domestic staff adhere to our strict confidentiality protection policy. Information about your home, children and work will not be leaked to any third party. View
Privacy Policy.

Chez Vous provides domestic solutions to meet the wide range of lifestyles of our clients - the common denominator being that our clients are busy people. For single professionals needing a once-a-week maid, to families needing a full-time nanny, to homes needing an ad-hoc carpet clean, to clients needing unpacking help moving into a new home...whetever your domestic needs and whenever you need us, Chez Vous will be there to assist you.


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