Domestic Helper Service *NEW*


An extra pair of hands for all-round help with the housekeeping and child-care!

Chez Vous has recently introduced the much-awaited "Domestic Helper Service", ideal for busy families who require integrated help with housekeeping and child-care. Through this new service, we are no longer restricting our clients to using the Housekeeping and Babysitting Services separately, but instead offer versatile all-round help from a dedicated Filipina Domestic Helper.

This recent introduction underlines Chez Vous' commitment to meeting the domestic needs of busy foreign families living in Tokyo and Yokohama. And with rates starting at JPY 2,600 for up two kids in the day-time, we hope this service meets the family budget too!

In addition, since this service falls under our Babysitting Service range, you may even be able to avail of babysitting discount coupons on the Domestic Helper Service, though various company welfare organisations. Discounts available depend on your company's welfare policy, but they can reach as much as JPY 30,000 per month! Please ask your Chez Vous coordinator or company HR department for more information.

We hope that you can enjoy the comfort and piece of mind of having a Chez Vous domestic helper in your home, helping to make your home life run smoothly.

Check out more details on the Domestic Helper Service here!


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